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The year 2020 will not soon be forgotten but among the tremendous stress and strife of pandemic life, many got back to their roots. Amid working from home, binge watching every program or movie we missed in the last 10 years and learning to bake bread, another new trend sprouted up. Gardening! So many of us who grew up working, playing and eating from our gardens got back in the dirt and evidently so did millions of others across the globe. Many people planted last year out of a fear of food shortages, and while most gardeners no longer fear food shortages, they are drawn to the sense of comfort that growing your own food provides during uncertain times.

According to a Garden Media Group, the pandemic sprouted some 16 million new gardeners in the U.S. alone with most saying the planned to continue this year.

"We're being flooded with vegetable orders," said George Ball, executive chairman of the Burpee Seed Company, based in Warminster, Penn in 2020 and it looks like the demand will continue. Luckily, you can find seeds and garden plants in multiple stores in St. Paul and the surrounding area.

Growing your own food isn’t rocket science. It takes a little space, a little time and a little patience, but plants like herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, beans and peppers (all our favorites) are fairly straight forward. Anyone can learn how to grow and it is actually good for you in more than one way. Did you know:

  • Vegetables that become ripe on the vine have more nutrients than many store-bought vegetables that are picked early so they don’t spoil before they reach their destination.

  • You decide and know what kinds of pesticides (if any) and fertilizers are used on your food.

  • Organically grown and non-GMO fruits and vegetables are much less expensive to grow yourself.

Now is the perfect time to buy and plant. And if you don’t want to plant a garden, or don’t have room, don’t worry, Clinch River Farmers Market has you covered.

If you are new to growing vegetables, check out this planting guide for St. Paul/Wise County from The Farmer’s Almanac 2021. Almanac planting calendar St. Paul - Wise

Not much space? Here is a handy article from The Spruce on the 10 best vegetables to grow in containers! The 10 best veggies to grow in containers.

Weather inspired by food shortages, extra time, or just a desire to put fresh food on the table, these gardens will continue to give back to those who planted them for years to come.

Let’s GROW!

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