2nd Annual Chili Chili Bang Bang Cook-Off Nov. 5 - Reg. ends Halloween!

Updated: Oct 29

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Contestants must pre-register in order to enter the contest. Registration date ends October 31st

A $20.00 fee is required per team. Only one chili per team may be entered to competition. Registration can be completed online or by downloading and completing the registration form at the bottom of this post, attached along with your entry fee check.

Please mail to:

St. Paul Main Street

Attn: Kathy Stewart

PO Box 375

St. Paul VA 24283

Prizes will be awarded for the “Best Dang Chili in St. Paul” (scored by a panel of judges) to include $100 cash and the “People’s Choice Award” chosen by ticket holders to include $50 cash.

For the Chili Chili Bang Bang contest, chili is defined as a hearty stew made with or without meat using chili peppers (dried and/or fresh), various other spices and may contain other ingredients such as tomatoes and onions. All types of chili will be allowed including those with or without beans, chicken chili, white chili, vegetarian chili or other types of chili typically eaten in a bowl. No rice or macaroni. No MSG. If peanuts or peanut oil is used, a warning sign must be displayed.

All ingredients must be pre-cooked and treated prior to the event – chili is to be brought ready to eat and be prepared using safe food handling practices and kept at the proper holding temperatures of 135F for hot foods. Teams must have the following at their tables for use while preparing, cooking and serving:

a. Hand sanitizer

b. Paper towels and any cleaning supplies needed.

c. Plastic gloves (for serving)

2. Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own utensils and products related to their chili submission and maintenance of its proper temperature for serving. An electrical outlet will be available for each entry and a large crockpot is recommended. Spoons and cups for use in serving chili to the general public will be provided.

Each contestant must cook a minimum of 8 quarts chili. A portion of this chili will be submitted to the judges and the rest will be for public consumption and “People’s Choice” award judging.

A panel of Judges will blind test each chili – they will not know which chili belongs to which teams. Criteria will be clearly defined for judging to include:

a. COLOR: Chili should look good (appearance). Allow some leeway when evaluating color. For example, "red" chili may range from reddish to reddish-brown or brown

b. AROMA: Chili should smell good. A good aroma is a tipoff to good taste.

c. CONSISTENCY: Chili should have a good balance of textures. Chili should not be dry, watery, grainy, lumpy, or greasy, but just good and smooth.

d. TASTE: Chili should taste good above all else. Although individual opinions will vary, a really good taste will stand out.

e. AFTERTASTE: Residual taste should be pleasant (not bitter, metallic, not sour). The spices should linger but not overpower. Heat may vary and is a personal choice.

The public ticket holders will be able to sample any and all chili while supplies last. Each ticket holder will be giving 5 beans. They may vote for the People’s Choice by placing a “bean” or multiple beans in each team’s jar. The more chili you bring, the more samples you can give to ticket holders. You are encouraged to compete for beans by inviting ticket holders to table and asking for votes. This should be fun! The People’s Choice winner will be the team with the most beans at the end of the judging.

This chili cook-off is for cooks who just want to have fun and be recognized for their yummy chili skills. Let your hair down (but wear a hat!!!)! Dress up, wear a costume, or just have fun!

Chili Bang Bang Entry Form and Rules (1)
Download PDF • 231KB

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