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Things are happening in St. Paul and we want you to be a part of the experience! New restaurants, shops, and a hotel are bringing people to town for a visit and maybe an extended stay.  The Clinch River and Spearhead Trails have much to offer to the outdoor enthusiast, but we want more.  We want to see live music and live theatre on the stage of the Lyric Theater in downtown St. Paul.

People want to live where there are cultural arts and entertainment.  Businesses want to locate where there is a thriving downtown. The new design will have much needed conference space.  The Lyric Theater can once again be the center of our small town experience.  Your donation will help revitalize the Lyric Theater and make it a downtown destination for locals the people in neighboring towns, and visitors far and wide.


We are happy to report these achievements:

  • $300,000 grant from Appalachian Regional Commission

  • $100,000 from Town of St. Paul

  • $53,555 in Capital Campaign

  • $35,000 in general fundraising

  • $40,000 grant from Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority

  • Frazier Associates hired as architects

  • Quesenberry Construction Company hired for Phase I work

  • Kinsey Neon and Sign Company hired to restore marquee

  • Phase I completed in October 2018

  • $18,000 grant from Virginia Main Street

  • Marquee added in July 2019

  • Additional $75,000 in general fundraising

  • Additional $200,000 grant from Appalachian Regional Commission

  • $349,600 grant from Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission

  • $550,000 grant from Department of Housing and Community Development

  • Additional $100,000 grant from Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority

  • Additional $300,000 from Town of St. Paul

  • Quesenberry Construction Company hired for Phase II work, to begin January 2021


Phase II work includes mechanical, electrical, plumbing, flooring, ceiling, partial walls, seating, general lighting, front restrooms, repaired stage floor, completed lobby, handicap accessibility.


At the end of Phase II, the stage and auditorium will be open for use. Phase III construction will continue, which includes wall finishes, completed breakout rooms, completed green room, theatrical sound and lighting, stage curtains, AV equipment. An additional $1.5 million needs to be raised to complete Phase III.


Every dollar counts!


Donations may be made through PayPal Giving or to PO Box 375 St. Paul, VA 24283.

A tax receipt will be sent to you.


Ad Hoc Committee for Lyric Theater Revitalization

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